Chloé Cofresí



Hola, I’m
Chloé Cofresí. I’m an actor, writer, producer and body worker in New York City.


I am the Founder and Creative Entertaining Owner of La Pirata Productions, an actor, writer, and body worker. I’ve studied at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, T. Schreiber Studio, as well as privately. My life experiences have provided me with a rich tapestry from which to develop a wide range of characters for stage and film.

Recently, I wrote, produced, and starred in, an original immersive theater production called la hija del pirata/The Pirate’s Daughter, about multigenerations of women descended from the Puerto-Rican pirate Roberto Cofresí. The play was a recipient of the 2018 DCA Premiere Grant through Staten Island Arts, and is now in development for a full Off-Broadway run. I also recently wrote, produced, directed, and starred in a short film, Fateful Chance.

Prior to producing my own work, I was most recently seen leading the cast of Club Silencio as Brooke Gomez at Manhattan Repertory Theatre; as a delusional woman in Love, Love, Love; as the wild women Vivian and Erika in Last of the Caucasians; and as part of the ensemble cast of Every Time You See Me. I was also the co-host of the Love and Spit podcast, and the creator of the web series Been There Before and Soul Sisters. I currently live in New York City, and freelance with the Carson-Adler Agency.




As a body worker and owner of Captivating Hope Body Work & Retreats, I create retreat experiences and personal sessions tailored to your body and creative needs. These sessions incorporate a plethora of modalities, including Bioenergetics, Cranial-Sacral, Chua K'a, Intentional Massage, Yoga, and Reiki. 

Through both one on one work and small group classes, clients learn how to use The Reynolds Technique to work with the body’s muscular defense system in an organized, practical approach to body awareness. It is designed to free the body to its full range of emotional experience.

You will work to identify and remove chronic muscular tension and learn the tools to free your body so that it becomes your friend and not your enemy. The work promote the flow of energy throughout the body, allowing more freedom, and strengthens the connection between emotions, thoughts and physical expression. This work changes how you view yourself, create, and move through the world.